The revolutionary technology of the world’s first non-slip hair accessories

Forget what you think you know about hair accessories, KELA’s revolutionary technology is a game changer with significant intellectual property value. The technology that makes KELA products unique was borne out of frustration with the limited hair accessory options available and is now transforming the hair styling industry.

Our launch strategy was heavily weighted toward social media to create brand awareness. Early on we identified that to get the greatest exposure and build brand awareness we needed to create social proof by maximising influencer marketing and nurturing relationships with brand ambassadors with A-list celebrity endorsements, as well as industry and fashion influencers. In addition, we planned to work alongside popular bloggers and develop our own social media channels to create hype and educate consumers.

Australian cancer research scientist and mother-of-three, Kelly Litterick is the founder of KELA and inventor of KELA’s unique, patented, non-slip mechanism. Kelly was frustrated with the lack of quick and easy ways to hold braids and plaits or style her hair in a beautiful and creative way. It seemed there was nothing that looked great, stayed put and was affordable and simple to use. Being resourceful, determined and ambitious the obvious solution was to tackle the problem herself. Her light bulb moment came one day while she was trying to find a creative way to clip her hair back without having to reach for a bobby pin and started experimenting with putting regular jewellery in her hair and crafting her own hair accessories. Through this process she developed the idea for the unique non-slip mechanism and then spent three years perfecting it for the commercial market and patenting her designs. From the creation of a single hair accessory that clips in, we have developed a full range of hair accessories and jewellery including charms, chains, crowns, hair pins and pendants.

So, what is it that makes KELA different? In a sea of plastic clips and grips that slide and fall from your hair, KELA products stand apart for their ease of use, non-slip grip and durable precious metal plated brass alloy material. Central to the KELA technology are two inner resilient silicon pads that stop the product from slipping and causing damage to hair, and a one-action clasp mechanism that is not only easy to use but gives the user confidence their KELA hair jewellery will stay in place, no matter what life throws at them. These two elements combine to enable users to elevate their everyday look and create elaborate hair styles that were impossible before KELA existed.

“We have invested significant time, energy and resources to protect our unique intellectual property. We have trademarks and patents filed in multiple countries. We also have our unique design mark which means we can licence off our technology to other industry players,” says CEO, Aldo Miccio.

The KELA technology is very hard to imitate or replicate and has a highly specialised manufacturing process which provides further protection against duplication. The unique technology and the fact that it can’t be copied presents huge opportunities for KELA to really be a pioneer in the hair accessory and jewellery market.


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