A winning

A winning

Why Invest?

KELA Hair Jewellery is an innovative, unique hair styling product that is transforming the global hair industry.

As a hair jewellery company with a patented one-action, non-slip-grip mechanism, proof of concept, proven business strategy, significant industry and influencer endorsements, global distributor networks and a strong team in place, KELA is well positioned to dominate this new jewellery category. The protected IP further creates both competitive advantage and value that is yet to be realised.

KELA’s obsession with quality, delivery and design is its driving force and central to its global growth strategy taking KELA to the world stage. Early seed funding of AUD $2 million raised in late 2017 and early 2018 enabled KELA to develop products and file patents globally for the unique technology, establish sales channels in global markets, and develop partnerships with salons, hair industry influencers and celebrities internationally. With proof of concept in Australia, the United Kingdom and Italy, a proven business strategy, significant endorsements, global distributors and a strong team in place, the launch pad is now set for KELA to dominate the global hair jewellery industry. KELA is seeking AUD $3 million of capital investment through the sale of 1,350 ordinary shares to further expand KELA on a global scale. The team is ready and capable to deliver. Now is the time to invest and share in KELA’s exciting future.

  1. KELA has the proof of concept needed to further take its brand to the world stage with a business strategy that is tried and tested, with strong sales results.
  2. KELA has a clear competitive advantage with its revolutionary patented one-action, non-slip-grip mechanism allowing users to achieve hair styles and designs that are impossible with any other product.
  3. The unique technology behind KELA is internationally patented that protects its significant intellectual property value.
  4. Major celebrities, trendsetters and influencers have endorsed KELA products.
  5. New product development is at the core of KELA’s business strategy, so it will always stay relevant in the ever-changing world of fashion.
  6. The breadth of KELA’s products, from the children’s Clipacharm range to the adult range KELA, ensures it is meeting demand at all life stages and has the potential for significant lifetime customer value.
  7. KELA has three established global sales channels which all provide impressive profit margins and is rolling out its fourth sales channel in Australia in late 2019.
  8. KELA has a talented team with strong experience in developing global brands and extensive knowledge of the fashion and jewellery industries.
  9. Good margins from all sales channels and further revenue from licencing KELA-Tech make for a favourable return on investment.
  10. Through innovation and intellectual property, KELA has both created and protected a new jewellery category that they are well positioned to dominate.

The Technology

Forget what you think you know about hair accessories and jewellery, KELA’s revolutionary technology is a game changer with significant intellectual property value. Central to the KELA technology are two inner resilient silicon pads that stop the product from slipping and causing damage to hair, and a one-action clasp mechanism that is not only easy to use but gives the user confidence their KELA hair jewellery will stay in place, no matter what life throws at them. These two elements combine to enable users to elevate their everyday look and create elaborate hairstyles that were impossible before KELA existed.

From the creation of a single hair accessory that clips in, a full range of hair accessories and jewellery has now been developed including charms, chains, crowns, hair pins and pendants. In a sea of plastic clips and grips that slide and fall from your hair, KELA products stand apart for their ease-of-use, non-slip-grip and durable precious metal plated brass alloy material.

KELA has protected its intellectual property with trademarks and patents filed in multiple countries. The unique KELA Tech design mark ensures recognition for the KELA technology being used on other products. KELA technology is hard to imitate or replicate and requires a specialist manufacturing process providing further protection against duplication.

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Company History

Australian provisional patent filed.

May 2014

Australian provisional patent approved.

June 2014

International patent filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

May 2017

Clipacharm product line launched.

Early 2017

KELA launched.

May 2017

NZ Fashion Week collaboration with Andrea Moore.

August 2017

Hair industry Engaged – Renya Xydis used KELA for Wella Trend Vision awards in London.

Oct 2017

Sophie Monk wears KELA live on The Project, Australia.

Oct 2017

Fashion shows.

End 2017

First Salon Stockist (Valonz).

Dec 2017

Trade shows.

Early 2018

KELA worn to the Oscars by influencer Tammy of WbyWhiteWolfe.

March 2018

KELA worn at Coachella by influencers and celebrities with 11.2m Instagram followers between them: Rochelle Humes, Nicole Sherzinger, Jessica Roche, Jade Thirlwall, Aisha Jade, Charlotte & Sophie Bickley.

April 2018

Kelly Rowland wears KELA on The Voice, Australia.

May 2018

KELA worn by celebrities for Melbourne Fashion Week: Laura Dudovich, Tegan Martin, Carrissa Walford, Megan Marx.

May 2018

KELA signs Cutler Salon as USA salon partner and stockist.

June 2018

KELA X joint venture.

Mid 2018

Alicia Keys wears KELA on The Voice, USA.

June 2018

Turn key Point of Sale materials developed for distributors and retailers.

Mid 2018

UK distributor signed on.

July 2018

USA distributor signed on.

Aug 2018

UK hair ambassador signed on.

Sep 2018

UK launch at Salon International, the UK’s leading hair exhibition.

Oct 2018

Kiosk development.

End 2018

First white label. From end 2018 distributors signed up.

End 2018

Dubai and Russia distributors signed on.

Jan 2019

Our Board Members


Kelly Litterick

Inventor, Co-founder and

Non-Executive Director (Chair)


Ian Burton

Non-Executive Director


William Harris

Non-Executive Director

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